The dog is a carnivor and should eat like a carnivor to feel good. This means that it should, as far as possible, eat the type of food it would eat in the wild – raw meat, organs, bones and vegetables. This type of feed ideology is commonly called BARF (Biologically Adapted Raw Food). With BARF, we strive to imitate nature as far as possible and create a diet that suits the dog’s body.

MUSH Vaisto is built and composed according to the BARF model to make it easily accessible to offer your pet a species-adapted diet, no matter how much or how little you know about raw food.  MUSH Vaisto is thus a balanced complete lining which in its design is pre-composed BARF.  We have simply helped to mix raw materials in the right way and made a complete feed in a flexible format that is very easy to use. BARF in fast format, so to speak. As nutritious and species-adapted as self-composed BARF, just much easier!

Our Vaisto varieties contain 90–95% raw meat, organs and bones. The rest consists of vegetables and a splash of oil. Meat, organs and bones provide nutrients and the raw vegetables contribute fiber and enzymes and at the same time nourish the good bacteria in the dog’s gut.


When you look at the dog’s body, you see that it is a carnivore – take a look at the teeth, jaw and digestive system. The dog’s teeth are pointed so that it can eat and chew meat. Unlike herbivores, dogs can not move their jaw sideways – they only use their jaws to tear meat. Dogs also have a large stomach, which is typical of carnivores. This means that they can survive in the wild by eating infrequently. The dog’s intestine is also short, which indicates that the dog is a carnivore. An animal with a long intestine also digests fiber. Because dogs do not eat large amounts of fiber, they simply do not need such a long bowel.


Dogs eat their food raw in the open air. In this way, the natural nutrients are preserved. When meat and bones are prepared, important bacteria and enzymes disappear. Bones that are prepared are dangerous for the dog, as they become hard and can easily be broken into sharp pieces. Raw bones are simply softer and you can give them to your dog without having to worry.



Our dog food is 100% natural and you know what it is you give your dog when you use our products.

Raw and natural have many benefits:

  • the dog gets all the nutrients in its natural form
  • enzymes and good bacteria are preserved because the products are not prepared
  • you will not find additives, preservatives or other oddities in our dog food. It is 100% natural.


We have extensive experience of feeding dogs with raw meat, organs, bones and vegetables, and the latest research also shows that a natural diet is good for the dog. For several years we have worked closely with people who use raw foods, and we have received thousands of recommendations on the benefits of raw foods.

Many of those who switch to raw foods have noticed that it helps: 

  • in case of weight problems
  • against allergies
  • against atopy
  • against arthritis
  • against pancreatitis
  • against muscle problems
  • for digestive problems
  • to eliminate bad breath, body and stool odor.


Many of those who switch to raw food  have noticed that raw food gives the dog:

  • better public health
  • more energy
  • better appetite
  • improved immune system
  • smaller and more compact stools
  • healthier skin
  • glossier coat
  • cleaner teeth.

Ready to nourish your dog in natural form that keeps it strong, happy and healthy? Here you can read about how you started feeding your adult dog MUSH. If you have a puppy and want to know how to introduce raw food to it in the best way, you can read our tips and advice on feeding puppies here .

We believe in nature and we believe that raw food is the most gentle and nutritious you can give your dog to eat. Raw food is the most natural thing your dog can eat – we have as far as possible copied what the dog would eat in the wild. A combination of meat, bones and organs as well as some vegetables to mimic the amount of vegetables in the stomach of a herbivorous prey animal. We have also made it easy! Just portion up our raw frozen whole feed buns, thaw them and serve.

With our complete feed series MUSH Vaisto, you do not need to know anything about feed science to start raw feeding. We’ve done everything for you. We make our products from fresh ingredients and they are 100% natural. You will not find synthetic additives, preservatives or grains in our dog food.


With MUSH Vaisto green, it is easy and safe to start giving raw. Vaisto green is a good and nutritious complete feed with a slightly lower bone content than the other products in the Vaisto series . This makes it perfect as a phase-in food for dogs that change from dry food to raw food, so the stomach can get used to digesting bones and start building a stable and rich bacterial flora in the intestine. Vaisto green is also perfect for small dog breeds, for older dogs and dogs that are picky.

You can choose how to change – it is possible to change at once, or to gradually change the current lining to MUSH. Reduce the amount of current food and increase the amount of MUSH for each meal. Your dog may react with a slightly loose stomach the first few days, but it stabilizes quickly and the stomach becomes very nice.

Puppy who has eaten other food before? Then we recommend that you first start with Vaisto green. After a week on MUSH alone, you can switch to Vaisto Puppy, which you then give until your puppy has grown clearly in height. After the puppy has become accustomed to raw, we recommend that you switch to Vaisto Puppy, which is developed for growing puppies, and feed with it until the puppy has grown clearly in height.


An adult dog needs about 2% of his body weight per day. Small dog breeds often eat 3% of their body weight per day, and really hard-training dogs may need up to 5%. See and feel the dog’s hole: seen from above, your dog should have a clear waist. You should be able to feel the ribs with your hands but they should not feel sharp.

A puppy eats about 5-10% of its current body weight while growing, divided into 2-4 meals per day. A puppy around 8 weeks eats about 10% divided into 4 meals, and then the percentage decreases as it grows. Keep track of your puppy’s body and energy: it should look full and happy, and should have a clear waist. It is good to keep the puppy slim while it grows so that the joints are not loaded unnecessarily. As long as your dog grows in height, we recommend that you give it the MUSH Vaisto Puppy.

Each dog is unique and the optimal amount of food depends on various factors such as age, activity, metabolism and environment. You are the one who knows your dog best. Learn to see and feel your dog. Too thin? Give it to me. If the dog is overweight, give it less food.


We recommend that you feed an adult dog once a day, as it is natural for them. Out in the wild, dogs eat one big meal a day and then they fast. Some dogs may be fussy or even refuse to eat if they are fed too often. If your dog is used to eating more than once a day, you can of course continue in the same way without having to worry about the dog’s well-being.


No, you do not need to add anything. Our Vaisto products are complete feed and do not require any supplements. Each dog, on the other hand, is an individual and therefore you should follow the dog’s well-being. Your dog may need fine-tuning in his diet.


It can take time to get used to new things. It is perfectly normal for the dog to react to the new diet when changing from dry food to raw food, as it is not used to such nutritious food. For most people, the change takes place without problems and any symptoms (eg loose stomach) disappear by themselves when the dog gets used to the new food, usually within a week or two.