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MUSH VAISTO BLUE FREEZE-DRIED (beef-turkey-salmon) is a freeze-dried complete food for dogs with the same high nutritional value and quality as regular raw food. Thanks to freeze-drying, the food is lightweight and takes up little space while the manufacturing process preserves its taste and nutrients – perfect for taking on trips, exhibitions, competitions, and hikes.

Vaisto Blue Freeze-Dried is a freeze-dried version of Vaisto Blue. An easily digestible and low-calorie complete food for adult dogs. The food has a very good balance of fatty acids and is therefore especially suitable for dogs with skin or coat problems.

Add water and let the food soak for 5 minutes – ready to serve to your dog! Available in bags of 250 grams and 800 grams. An example of the feeding amount can be found in the feeding instructions.

Beef (47%) : meat, stomach, heart, lungs, liver, cartilage
Turkey (38%) : meat, bone, cartilage
Salmon (10%) : salmon with bones
Vegetables, fruits and Oils (5%) : broccoli, lettuce, apple, carrot, cold pressed sunflower oil, camelina oil

Give your dog a daily portion that corresponds to about 1% of the dog’s weight. If the dog weighs 5 kilograms, it should get about 50 grams of freeze-dried (dry weight) food per day divided into one or two meals. It’s a good idea to measure the amount of food at home so you know how much to give when you are traveling. One deciliter weighs approximately 30 grams.

NOTE! The amount of food varies depending on age, activity level, metabolism, and environment. Keep in mind that this is only a guideline, you may need to adjust according to your dog’s needs. Always consider your dog’s unique needs and monitor its condition.


Store at room temperature, protected from moisture.

Expiration date:

The product lasts for 18 months from the manufacturing date.

Kg Gram / day
2 20
5 50
10 100
15 150
20 200
30 300
40 400


Most of our beef come from Finnish family farms via our parent company Snellman’s meat procession centre which is located only a few kilometres away from the MUSH plant. Fresh ingredients are delivered to our factory every day from Snellman.

Snellman meets the high standards set by the Finnish Food Authorities for businesses in the areas of processing food products of animal origin and ensures that the high standards in the animal welfare program are complied with. Farms are visited by veterinary and advisory teams several times a year to ensure that these standards are always met.

Did you know?

  • Finnish beef production is one of the most low-carbon in the world. The amount of water required by Finnish beef production is half the global average.
  • Finland’s statutory national salmonella control programme ensures that the incidence of salmonella is monitored right from the primary production farm (From Farm to Fork). Consequently, home-reared meat does not contain salmonella bacteria, which is a significant issue in terms of public health.
  • Finnish cattle are not fed soya. Rape or turnip-rape are used as cattle protein feeds, as well as frequent food industry by-products like brewers’ grain and distillers’ dried grain.


Our turkey come mainly from Finland, but also from Sweden. When it comes to turkey products, we follow the country specific regulations that stretch beyond EU legal requirements.

Did you know?

  • Finnish and Swedish Turkey are fed with 100% GMO free.

Our salmon comes from Norway. The fish is compliant with the appropriate regulatory requirements for food safety.


Energy KJ 2338
Energy Kcal 558
Protein g 42,4
Fat g 42,5
Calcium g 1,8
Phosphorus g 1,6
Moisture g 5,7
Raw Ash g 6,8
Fiber g 2,2


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