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MUSH VAISTO® WILD (Reindeer-Lamb-Elk) is a gentle and friendly complete food for adult dogs made from animals that have not eaten processed feed. Vaisto Wild is particularly well suited for sensitive and allergic dogs. The excellent nutrient content in game meat makes Wild a gentle alternative.

Contains 7% bone and 6% liver.

Food that dogs are made to eat – raw feeding has never been easier! Just thaw and serve.

  • MUSH Vaisto® – a complete meal.
  • Meat, bones, and organs from three different animals provide variety and many amino acids and minerals.
  • Available in 3kg packages.
  • Re-sealable bag and delectable meatballs of 25 g per meatball– easy to portion!
  • 100% natural products. No additives, preservatives, or cereals.

The products are frozen raw, preserving the natural nutrients.


Reindeer 38% : meat, stomach, lung, bone, liver, cartilage
Lamb 36% : meat, lung, stomach, liver, bone, cartilage
Elk 21% : meat, fat, lung, bone
Vegetables, Berries and Oil 5% : broccoli, lingonberry, cold-pressed sunflower oil

MUSH is both easy and safe to use. All you have to do is thaw and serve. We recommend that you thaw MUSH in the refrigerator in a box with a tight-fitting lid. If you thaw at room temperature, the product should be used within 12 hours. The products must not be thawed in the microwave: when the bones are heated, they become hard and sharp and can harm your dog.


Keep the product away from other foods. Store below -18 °C.

Expiration date:

The product lasts 18 months from the date of manufacture.

The dog’s weight
Normally active adult dog
daily give about 2% of the dog’s weight
Kg meatballs / day Gram / day
2 2 40
5 4 100
10 8 200
20 16 400
30 24 600
40 32 800
50 40 1000
60 48 1200


Rentiere kennen keine Grenzen, da sie frei herumlaufen und natürliche Nahrung fressen. Unser Rentierfleisch kommt aus Lappland. Die Fleischlieferanten befolgen die Tierschutzgesetze, schützen ihre Rentiere vor unnötigem Leiden und bemühen sich um natürliche und artgerechte Lebensbedingungen.

Most of our lamb comes from Finnish farms. We also get some of the lamb from selected producers in Norway, Sweden and Iceland who comply strictly with their country specific regulations for meat production and animal keeping.

The elk meat comes from Finland and Sweden, where elk roam freely in the forests and eat natural food.


Only vegetables that meet the requirements for food safety go into our products. Some vegetables that we use are by-products or leftovers from the food industry which gives us the opportunity to help reduce food waste. Our vegetables also come from around Europe, but only when it is not possible to source them from Finland.

Different types of oil that go into different products come from different countries. Sunflower oil from Germany.

Energy KJ 989
Energy Kcal 236
Protein g 16,1
Fat g 17,9
Ash g 3
Calcium g 0,9
Phosphorus g 0,6
Moisture g 60
Fiber g 2,8


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