People fairly often ask whether it is normal that the dog faeces diminish and turn much more lighter and harder after changing from dry food to BARF.

Some dog owners are worried if everything necessary is coming out when the amount of faeces reduce to the third. This is completely normal. The phenomenon is due to the more efficient digestion of the food. Raw food does not contain anything added, and the body of a dog can utilize almost everything – therefore the part left is significantly smaller.

Color and consistency of stool changes usually dramatically when changed into BARF nutrition. The color becomes lighter and consistence harder. This is because of the bones fed to the dog, and it’s completely normal. Only if the stool becomes so hard the dog starts to have problems to get it out, you should consider some changes to the diet. The fact is that the dog has to push while feceating is mostly good for the body musculature as well as to anal gland, which are cleaned effectively when the stool is a little harder. Dogs with earlier problems with draining and inflammation of anal gland will get significant relief when changed to BARF feeding. Although, the feeding does not always help with anal gland troubles: for example if the illness is caused by the anatomy.

Sometimes people also ask why the dog starts to feceate few times on the same jog. This is also normal, because of the harder and therefore drier stool needs a bit movement to get forward in the intestines, and dog should get some exercise after every raw meal. If the dog gets out fewer times a day, it might be good idea to add fat or fibers to the nutrition to make sure the stool stays soft and the dog will not get any constipation.

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